Curated Transportation News

These are the news items that I have curated during the monitoring of the API space that have some relevance to the Transportation conversation and I wanted to include in my research. I am using all of these links to better understand how the space is defining not just their APIs, but their schema, and other moving parts of their API operations.

UPS is testing self (08-15-2019)
UPS has been quietly delivering cargo using self (08-15-2019)
Europe is edging towards making post (08-05-2019)
Lyfts dockless e (07-21-2019)
How Uber Eats Uses Machine Learning to Estimate Delivery Times (07-19-2019)
Germany tests its first 'electric highway' for trucks (05-11-2019)
Ubers transit offering just went live in Denver (01-31-2019)
Uber is exploring autonomous bikes and scooters (01-20-2019)
Welcome to the abnormalization of transportation (01-19-2019)
Wattpark is Airbnb for electric vehicle charging stations (01-09-2019)
HERE Is Challenging Uber by Uniting the World's Cab Drivers (01-08-2019)
Uber partner reveals air taxi design at CES (01-07-2019)
Anthony Levandowski Returns With a Self (12-18-2018)
Kroger adds driverless vehicles to its grocery delivery fleet (12-18-2018)
Hyperloop startup Arrivo is shutting down as workers are laid off (12-14-2018)
Lime and Spin to Share Detailed Use Data with LADOT (11-09-2018)
I want to build a fleet management app which APIs should I use? (08-29-2018)
FOSSCON 2018: Hacking the Indego Bike Sharing API (08-27-2018)
IoT in Transportation: From Fleet Monitoring to Inventory Management (08-23-2018)
Coord unveils Routing API to support multimodal trip planning (05-30-2018)
Benefits of using Travelopro APIs (03-28-2018)
Bus Booking APIGet It By Go Processing To Make Travel Business Great (03-27-2018)
Bus Booking API (03-23-2018)
Researchers figured out how to generate power from falling raindrops which could solve the biggest problem with solar energy (03-11-2018)
Case Study: Utah Department of Transportation (03-09-2018)
NREL, NRCan partner on alternative fueling station locator tool for Canada (03-06-2018)
Allscripts and Lyft partner to eliminate transportation barriers to healthcare (03-05-2018)
Is it time to take the Hyperloop seriously? (03-04-2018)
UPS is building its own fleet of electric delivery trucks (02-22-2018)
Transport app Citymapper is launching a new hybrid bus service in London (02-22-2018)
Citymapper has been granted a license to operate taxis in London (02-20-2018)
Elon Musks Boring Company gets preliminary permit for NYC (02-19-2018)
Elon Musk gets Hyperloop digging permit in Washington, DC (02-19-2018)
Bus Booking APIIncrease Your Online Bus Ticket Reservation Business (02-16-2018)
Uber wants to be public transportation, and I have some serious concerns (02-15-2018)
London sets out safety (02-15-2018)
A self (02-14-2018)
Echo implements p44 APIs for LTL connectivity (02-14-2018)
Bus Booking APIMake Online Bus Reservation Business More Profitable (02-13-2018)
Why Invest in Data Privacy? (02-13-2018)
Smarter parking in 100 European cities (02-12-2018)
Audio Traffic API released by TomTom (02-08-2018)
Understanding Travel Times with Uber Data (02-08-2018)
TomTom On (02-08-2018)
TomTom On (02-07-2018)
TomTom On (02-06-2018)
TomTom Launches TomTom Audio Traffic: Personalised Traffic Bulletins (02-06-2018)
Go Processings Bus Booking API Grow Your Travel Business Easily (02-05-2018)
Lyft investigates claims staff abused access to customer data (01-25-2018)
Are Uber and Lyft cutting into Metros ridership? (01-14-2018)
Here wants to help ride (01-08-2018)
Microsoft Tackles Vehicle Fleet Management With New Bing Map APIs (12-19-2017)
UPS is Teslas latest electric semi (12-19-2017)
UPS bets on blockchain as the future of the trillion (12-15-2017)
A Year of Revamp: Datafiniti Launches Redesigned User Portal (12-14-2017)
Uber is fighting to keep its licence in another UK city (12-13-2017)
TomTom's Location Partnership with Microsoft Broadens Market (12-12-2017)
Bus Booking API Grow Your Online Travel Business (12-12-2017)
Virginia's I (12-09-2017)
3 Ways Big Data Analytics Is Going to Improve Transportation (12-08-2017)
Rio de Janeiro to open taxi app API (12-07-2017)
Helsinki Region Transport to Launch World's First Public Transport Retail Interface Open to Everyone (12-06-2017)
LAPD warns that navigation apps are steering people to neighborhoods on fire (12-06-2017)
Bus Booking API Develop Your Portal And Earn (12-05-2017)
Autonomous trucking startup TuSimple raises $55 million (12-04-2017)
Amazon's Alexa is leading the voice (12-02-2017)
Waze adds new motorcycle mode and OK Waze voice commands (11-29-2017)
Smartly.AI AI voice platform for Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa (11-29-2017)
TomTom's APIs to Power Microsoft Azure's Newly Launched Location Based Services (11-28-2017)
Toronto begins sharing traffic data with Waze, and vice versa (11-20-2017)
Volvo to supply Uber with thousands of self (11-20-2017)
MicroStrategy 10.9 Connector to Jethro Accelerates Speed and Scale of Big Data Exploration (11-20-2017)
Elon Musk has ambitious plans for his tunneling company here's what we know (TSLA) (11-01-2017)
NYC is (very slowly) getting a more high (10-23-2017)
Why Investors Are Betting That Bike Sharing Is the Next Uber (10-16-2017)
Evolution of Dockless Bike/Bikesharing Designs and Thoughts on the Industry (10-08-2017)
The SkyWise Forecast Process (10-06-2017)
CARMERA (10-01-2017)
Why public transportation sucks in the US (09-27-2017)
Uber is pulling out of Qubec due to regulatory issues (09-26-2017)
Should There Be a Robot Tax to Offset Human Job Loss from Automation? (09-22-2017)
3 Innovative Apps Created with Dutch Transit Authority Data (09-22-2017)
A comprehensive look at the new General Data Protection Regulation (09-22-2017)
London regulator announces Uber ban (09-22-2017)
London rejects Ubers license, saying the company is not fit and proper for passengers (09-22-2017)
Uber is losing its licence to operate in London, but don't panic just yet (09-22-2017)
Uber loses its license to operate in London (09-22-2017)
Breaking: Uber loses its license to operate in London (09-22-2017)
Uber loses its license to operate in London (09-22-2017)
Is the hyperloop finally too big to fail? (09-21-2017)
Baron introduces Weather API for fleets (09-20-2017)
Nikola and Bosch set to battle Tesla with hydrogen (09-19-2017)
Navigate your Way Around in the Uber API (09-17-2017)
Being rejected by robots makes people sad (09-14-2017)
Tesla plans to unveil its all (09-13-2017)
Tesla semi truck unveil event tentatively set for October 26 (09-13-2017)
US DOT outlines safe transition to self (09-12-2017)
Chevin launches new API tool for FleetWave (09-11-2017)
Should Uncle Sam be worried about autonomous vehicle job losses right now? (09-08-2017)
Grishin Robotics global bikesharing to make smart cities a reality (09-08-2017)
Uber is apparently facing a third federal criminal investigation (09-08-2017)
The FBI is investigating whether Uber used secret software called 'Hell' to track Lyft drivers (09-08-2017)
Uber is under FBI investigation over software it used to track Lyft drivers (09-08-2017)
The Trainline is using big data to predict when ticket prices rise (09-06-2017)
Hurricane Harvey Destroys Up to a Million Cars in Driving (09-03-2017)
SpaceX runs its Tesla (08-31-2017)
Uber Movement traffic data finally makes it out of beta (08-30-2017)
Even if Hyperloop fails, public transport will win (08-30-2017)
Semi (08-25-2017)
Elon Musks Boring Co. gets Hawthorne city nod to dig a two (08-24-2017)
Rio de Janeiro to open taxi app API (08-24-2017)
Chevin Fleet Solutions launches API for FleetWave maintenance product (08-22-2017)
Body scanners being piloted in Los Angeles subway system (08-16-2017)
Pressured by government, Uber agrees to protect rider data (08-15-2017)
3GTMS to use project44 APIs (08-15-2017)
Uber settles claims that it mishandled private information about users and drivers (08-15-2017)
Lyft sees drivers as part of future (08-15-2017)
Tesla working on autonomous platooning for electric semi (08-11-2017)
Elon Musk's New Plan to Tunnel Under Los Angeles (08-10-2017)
Elon Musk Wants Tesla to Build a Self (08-10-2017)
FCC seemingly forgot about a net neutrality complaint filed against Verizon (08-10-2017)
SD (08-10-2017)
This bus line with sleeping quarters gets you from LA to SF overnight (08-09-2017)
Elon Musk confirms Boring Company to build underground Hyperloop from DC to NYC (08-08-2017)
Cruise is running an autonomous ride hailing service for employees in SF (08-08-2017)
Elon Musk Is Building a Hyperloop, and It's Great News for You (08-08-2017)
10 Transportation Trends from State DOT Performance Leaders (08-07-2017)
Elon Musk reportedly wants to build his own hyperloop tunnels and all (08-04-2017)
Bloomberg: Elon Musk is building his own Hyperloop (08-04-2017)
uberclick: Uber on any website (07-28-2017)
At 'low point,' outgoing DDOT chief wondered if D.C. Streetcar would ever take shape (07-26-2017)
Audi, BMW and Mercedes cars will share live traffic jam data (07-26-2017)
Elon Musk showed off the elevator that will bring cars into tunnels under busy LA traffic (07-26-2017)
HEREs Real (07-26-2017)
EHR Linked to Lyft Ride Sharing for Non (07-24-2017)
Amazon launched 22 years ago this week here's what shopping on Amazon was like back in 1995 (07-20-2017)
Uber is getting sued by disability advocates again (07-18-2017)
A lawsuit filed in NYC claims Uber is in violation of human rights laws (07-18-2017)
Unbuilt Los Angeles: the city that might have been in pictures (07-12-2017)
Harnessing Big Data to Build a Smarter Public Transport System (07-11-2017)
Cisco and TomTom Teaming up to Build Safer, Less Congested Roads (07-05-2017)
Mercedes built an electric truck that could rival Tesla here's everything you need to know (07-01-2017)
Here's why Uber's self (06-30-2017)
Uber is exploring a way to repair its relationship with drivers: equity in the $69 billion company (06-29-2017)
ORide Is a Prototype for an Encrypted Uber That Can't Track You (06-23-2017)
Elon Musk says Los Angeles is open to using his traffic tunnels (06-18-2017)
Elon Musk suggests L.A. Mayor open to Boring Co. tunnel network (06-18-2017)
How can we make parking smarter? (06-17-2017)
Heres what itll be like to hail one of Airbus futuristic flying taxis (06-17-2017)
Lyft sets goal of 1 billion autonomous electric rides per year by 2025 (06-15-2017)
Ohio drunk drivers ordered to install Uber or Lyft (06-14-2017)
BART is testing Bikeeps smart bike locks (06-13-2017)
Waymo retires its cute self (06-12-2017)
#DataNews: Transparency in Texas, DCs Water Data Portal, & Smart City Innovations (06-08-2017)
Trucking Made Easy With the HERE Truck Routing API (06-08-2017)
Uber exec is out after violating riders privacy (06-07-2017)
Waze sends real (06-05-2017)
Of Course Googles Waymo Is Building Self (06-02-2017)
Uber and Lyft are destroying Austins driver (06-02-2017)
Analyzing Segments commute time (06-02-2017)
#DataNews: Geospatial Data Act, Open Data Challenges in Cambridge and Delaware, and Transit Apps in Canada (06-01-2017)
Voyage "Now deploying self (05-30-2017)
Spains taxi drivers stage another anti (05-30-2017)
Uber is only legal in London for 4 more months (05-27-2017)
With Uber and Lyft coming back, RideAustin might be in trouble (05-26-2017)
Uber, Lyft returning to Austin as driver (05-26-2017)
Lyft just gave its drivers a major advantage over Uber (05-26-2017)
Uber and Lyft to return to Austin starting Monday (05-25-2017)
Uber says it accidentally underpaid drivers in New York City (05-23-2017)
Uber's new pricing model could upset drivers (05-23-2017)
FTA releases $647 million for electrifying California commuter rail line (05-22-2017)
Airbus says a ride in its 'flying car' will cost the same as a regular taxi here's a first glimpse of what's to come (05-19-2017)
Uber launches Freight app for trucking businesses (05-18-2017)
Uber launches Uber Freight, its app for long (05-18-2017)
Uber Freight launches to connect truck drivers with available shipments (05-18-2017)
Uber will start showing train and bus times near your drop (05-16-2017)
Uber's new update will now let you look at public transit data while using the app (05-16-2017)
Lab Report: Uber's Europe Problem (05-11-2017)
Justice Department Expands Its Inquiry Into Ubers Greyball Tool (05-05-2017)
U.S. Department of Justice is reportedly investigating Ubers controversial Greyball program (05-05-2017)
Uber faces criminal probe over controversial Greyball software (05-05-2017)
Uber in the dock for evading local regulations with software tool (05-05-2017)
Justice Department opens criminal probe into Uber (05-04-2017)
Uber is under criminal investigation for building software to avoid regulators (05-04-2017)
UberPOOL will now suggest better drop-offs to save everyone time (05-04-2017)
Dont Look Now, But Even Buses Are Going Autonomous (05-02-2017)
Reno's Road to the Future of Autonomous Buses (05-02-2017)
City of Portland may subpoena Uber for details on Greyball program (04-28-2017)
Elon Musk boring into new modes of transportation (04-28-2017)
Elon Musk just revealed new details about his tunneling project that could change transportation forever (TSLA) (04-28-2017)
Elon Musk on why he doesn't like flying cars: 'That is not an anxiety-reducing situation' (04-28-2017)
Elon Musk's Boring machine (04-28-2017)
Uber and Lyft, watch out: SFO airport wants to use license-plate scanners to keep self-driving cars off its roads (04-28-2017)
Video Shows Elon Musk's 'Boring' Tunnel Vision (04-28-2017)
Uber's Levandowski to step aside for duration of Waymo litigation (04-27-2017)
Ubers Anthony Levandowski out as Advanced Technologies lead amid legal fight (04-27-2017)
Waymo opens self-driving car fleet to the public (04-27-2017)
Waymo vs. Uber: 8 Things I Learned from Anthony Levandowski Taking the Fifth (04-26-2017)
That Story About Uber Tracking People After They Deleted The App? Yeah, That's Not Really Accurate (04-25-2017)
Uber gets sued over alleged Hell program to track Lyft drivers (04-24-2017)
Uber CEO Travis Kalanick hired his own private driver after that videotaped argument with an Uber driver went viral (04-23-2017)
A car-sharing service that partners with Uber just snatched $45 million in funding (04-20-2017)
Uber could face higher license fees in London under new proposals (04-20-2017)
Lab Report: Overruling Cities on Uber (04-19-2017)
Uber Central lets businesses hail a car for you (04-18-2017)
Uber for Business expands with new service Uber Central (04-18-2017)
Vehicles as a Service and Self-Driving Cars (04-18-2017)
GM plans to deploy hundreds of autonomous vehicles across the country for testing (04-14-2017)
How Platoons of Smart Trucks Will Save Fuel and Attact Drivers (04-14-2017)
Italy court lifts block of Uber services in Italy (04-14-2017)
Sao Paulo judge rules Uber drivers are employees, deserve benefits (04-14-2017)
GoGoGrandparent Is Overcharging Seniors for Uber Rides, and Drivers Are Pissed (04-13-2017)
BRIEF-Uber announces cross streets product update (04-13-2017)
Uber may face $1 million fine over California drunken-driving complaints (04-13-2017)
Uber reportedly built a secret app to track Lyft drivers (04-13-2017)
Uber reportedly used secret Hell software to track rival Lyft drivers (04-13-2017)
Uber resumes ride-hailing service in Taiwan after talks with authorities (04-13-2017)
Uber Wants to Get More People in Electric Cars (04-13-2017)
Unlike Hyperloop, Elon Musks Electric Big-Rig Actually Makes Sense (04-13-2017)
Italy says ciao to Uber after local court blocks the app (04-10-2017)
Uber Is Painting Bigger Picture of Their Drivers With Driver API Partnerships (04-10-2017)
Who Owns Transit Data? (04-09-2017)
Mapping America's Intractable Homelessness Problem (04-08-2017)
Italy issues a nationwide Uber ban (04-07-2017)
Perils of using speed zone data to assess real world compliance to... (04-07-2017)
Facing a Self-Driving Smackdown, Uber Opts for Damage Control (04-07-2017)
Uber said to use sophisticated software to defraud drivers, passengers (04-06-2017)
Uber contract 'gibberish', says MP investigating gig economy (04-06-2017)
Lyft just raised $500 million to aid its fight against Uber (04-06-2017)
Trump plans to nominate Lyfts Derek Kan to transportation department (04-06-2017)
Uber and Lyft lost 8,000 drivers due to unfair background checks (04-06-2017)
Uber is about to fire back in the legal drama thats gripped Silicon Valley (GOOG, GOOGL) (04-06-2017)
Uber threatens to leave Seattle if drivers can unionize; drivers rejoice (04-06-2017)
UPDATE 1-Udacity self-driving taxi spin-off Voyage takes aim at Uber (04-06-2017)
A new self-driving car startup just spun out of Udacity to challenge Uber with its own autonomous taxi service (04-05-2017)
Advancing intersection and traffic light location awareness (04-05-2017)
Driverless shuttle bus tested by public in London (04-05-2017)
GMs Maven car sharing service launches in Baltimore (04-05-2017)
Judge blocks Seattle law that allowed Uber, Lyft drivers to unionize (04-05-2017)
Sharethebus becomes and raises $5M for event shuttle management (04-05-2017)
Uber finds one allegedly stolen Waymo file on an employees personal device (04-05-2017)
Seattle judge blocks unionization rule for Uber, Lyft drivers (04-04-2017)
This Town Considered Starting a Bus Line But Will Just Pay Uber Instead (04-04-2017)
Uber Self-Driving Program Hits Another Pothole (04-03-2017)
Uber tells U.S. court customers must arbitrate disputes (03-24-2017)
Bits: Tech Roundup: Ubers Many Bumps in the Road (03-21-2017)
How Big Data Can Help Improve Road Safety (03-20-2017)
In Silicon Valley, a Voice of Caution Scolds a High-Flying Uber (03-18-2017)
Uber uses its in-app podcasts to broadcast anti-union messages to drivers (03-15-2017)
Uber is killing off its UberTAXI service in London (03-10-2017)
Lyft Extends Transportation Network Beyond the Lyft App (03-09-2017)
Uber drivers found guilty of unlawful commercial car hire in Hong Kong (03-09-2017)
Uber works to mend relationship with regulators (03-08-2017)
How a Failed Experiment Could Still Be the Future of Public Transit (03-06-2017)
Airbus is reportedly planning to reveal a futuristic concept car that can be picked up by a drone (03-03-2017)
In About-Face, Uber Will Apply for Calif. Self-Driving Car Permit (03-03-2017)
Uber loses court battle which could cost it London drivers (03-03-2017)
Uber used secret tool to deceive authorities: NY Times (03-03-2017)
Uber uses a software tool to identify and sidestep code enforcement officials (03-03-2017)
Ubers Massive Crap Pile Develops Its Own Gravity (03-03-2017)
Amex Platinum cardholders will get $200 in free Uber rides every year (03-02-2017)
Uber says to seek permit to restart self-driving pilot in California (03-02-2017)
Fords new self-driving van concept is like a rolling hive for delivery drones (02-28-2017)
Emails Show Uber Deceived California DMV (02-27-2017)
Uber denies Google's claims of stolen self-driving tech (GOOG, GOOGL) (02-24-2017)
Alphabet Subsidiary Waymo Files Suit Against Uber, Accuses Former Employee With Theft of Trade Secrets (02-23-2017)
Bits: Daily Report: Of Rotting Fish and Ubers Culture Problem (02-23-2017)
Google Accuses Uber of Stealing Its Self-Driving Car Tech (02-23-2017)
Googles Waze expanding carpool program (02-22-2017)
Using Data Science to Create Smarter Transportation in Europe (02-22-2017)
How Cities are Integrating Rideshare and Public Transportation (02-13-2017)
Lyft Partnership to Expand Transportation for Healthcare Access (02-08-2017)
Chart: Public Transport in African Cities Often Unaffordable (02-07-2017)
Uber Announces New Website to Share Anonymous Rider Data (02-07-2017)
Keeping autonomous vehicles on the road to success (02-06-2017)
Uber bows to government pressure and suspends its service in Taiwan (02-01-2017)
Daimler to operate self-driving cars on Ubers network (01-31-2017)
Ford's CEO says the future of cities has almost nothing to do with cars (01-31-2017)
Uber strikes deal with Daimler to add self-driving Mercedes-Benz to fleet (01-31-2017)
Car2Go Adds Mercedes Vehicles to Its Fleet (01-30-2017)
Patent Hints at Amazon Self-Driving Delivery Truck Plans (01-21-2017)
Uber to pay $20 million to FTC to settle claims that it exaggerated how much drivers would make (01-19-2017)
Amazon has a clever idea to put itself in the middle of the self driving car market (AMZN) (01-17-2017)
Amazon patented a highway network that controls self-driving cars and trucks (01-17-2017)
Hacker Found Out How To Ride Uber For Free - Best Security Search (01-13-2017)
Google Maps now displays Uber drivers in real-time (01-12-2017)
Success of Web-based Fleet Management Systems Telogis, a case for... (01-12-2017)
Uber signs deal with Dubai regulator after pricing rows (01-11-2017)
All NYC subway stations will have cellular and Wi-Fi service tomorrow (01-08-2017)
Uber drivers are employees eligible for company social security contributions (01-04-2017)
Bostons first self-driving car tests will start next week (12-30-2016)
Ride-hailing firm Uber partners Indonesian taxi operator Express (12-18-2016)
Ubers Middle Eastern rival Careem raises $350M at a $1B valuation (12-18-2016)
French government tells Uber to talk to protesting drivers (12-16-2016)
Uber Refuses to Stop Self-Driving in SF, Setting Up a Legal Showdown (12-16-2016)
UPDATE 1-Uber fires back at California DMV in self-driving car spat (12-16-2016)
Angry London Uber drivers are targeting Uber's corporate customers with protests (12-15-2016)
California DMV Calls Ubers Autonomous Autos Illegal (12-15-2016)
General Motors will test self-driving cars on public roads in Michigan (GM) (12-15-2016)
Lyft co-founder says human drivers could be banned in some cities (12-15-2016)
Uber is launching coloured lights so you know which car is picking you up (12-15-2016)
Uber told to stop self-driving in California (12-15-2016)
Uber's new driverless fleet in San Francisco swiftly declared 'illegal' by California DMV (12-15-2016)
Uber's self-driving cars put tech's 'move fast, break things' credo to the test (12-15-2016)
Video Captures Uber Self-Driving Car Running Red Light in San Francisco (12-15-2016)
California's DMV says Uber 'shall' get a permit to test self-driving cars Uber says no way (12-14-2016)
Uber launches self-driving car fleet in San Francisco, faces DMV backlash (12-14-2016)
Former Tesla and BMW exec says self-driving cars will kill car ownership in just 5 years (12-13-2016)
Uber sued by San Francisco?s oldest cab company for ?predatory practices? (11-02-2016)
The Race to Dominate Robotaxi Rides (11-01-2016)
Uber and GM partner to offer drivers car sharing through Maven (11-01-2016)
HERE Real-Time Traffic improves safety and makes life easier for drivers (10-31-2016)
HERE and Sodales Solutions give fleet managers more control (10-20-2016)
Tesla says it will roll out Uber-style ride services program (10-20-2016)
Digital regulation has US truck industry scrambling (10-14-2016)
Aljex, MyFreightWorld Announce Discounted LTL Rates (10-13-2016)
TomTom Announces Traffic Stats API (10-11-2016)
Arduino Traffic Light Timing Lesson #ArduinoMonday (10-10-2016)
Self-Driving Tech Could Make Truckers Obsolete (10-07-2016)
Uber faces pressure in Dubai as regulator signs deal with rival (10-04-2016)
Custom Fleet Management Software Development vs Generic Fleet Management Software Development (10-01-2016)
Prototype: Granting Shares for Fares: An Uber Rival?s Play for Drivers (10-01-2016)
Explore 1.2 billion taxi rides (09-30-2016)
Just Ask Lyft: It's Great Having Alexa Along for the Ride (09-28-2016)
HERE crowdsources traffic conditions for customers (09-26-2016)
HERE?s new traffic services will bring together live data from millions of cars (09-26-2016)
New API features added by SMC (09-23-2016)
D.C. transportation agency tracks buses in real time through mobile intelligence (09-23-2016)
Blow for Uber as Finnish court orders two drivers to give up earnings (09-21-2016)
Waze launches Bluetooth beacons to avoid tunnel blackouts (09-21-2016)
Can AI and Sensors Power the Next Generation of Traffic Lights? (09-16-2016)
Continental uses vAnalytics to connect dealers, fleet owners and auto repair shops to customers? vehicles (09-14-2016)
Mercedes Teases Drone-Equipped Delivery Van (09-08-2016)
WhereIsMyTransport wants to transform public transport in Kenya (09-06-2016)
Pennsylvania reinstates Uber's record $11.4 million fine (09-01-2016)
Uber granted legal review of new English test for London drivers (09-01-2016)
UPDATE 1-Pennsylvania reinstates Uber's record $11.4 mln fine (09-01-2016)
Making data more usable by campaigners: our Outlandish Fellowship (08-24-2016)
Big Trucks Deliver Big Data at Navistar (08-23-2016)
Mercedes wants to revolutionize public transportation with this self-driving bus (08-22-2016)
Uber's self-driving cars will start picking up passengers this month (08-18-2016)
Uber acquires Otto, enters trucking and may find better business model (08-18-2016)
Uber Begins Its Endgame: Replacing Humans (08-18-2016)
Uber to deploy self-driving cars in Pittsburgh (08-18-2016)
Ford CEO promises autonomous vehicles for mass transit by 2021 (08-16-2016)
Ford CEO promises autonomous vehicles for mass transit by 2021 (08-16-2016)
Green Lights Forever: Analyzing the Security of Traffic Infrastructure (08-15-2016)
Audi vehicles to talk to U.S. traffic signals in first for industry (08-15-2016)
It's pretty easy to hack traffic lights (08-15-2016)
Lyft and Miami-Dade Transit Roll into New Partnership (08-15-2016)
Verizon?s Acquisition Of Fleetmatics Group Boosts IoT Momentum In The Telco Space (08-02-2016)
Verizon buys Fleetmatics for $2.4 billion in enterprise mobility push (08-01-2016)
Ford, MIT Project Uses LiDAR, Cameras, to Measure Pedestrian Traffic and Predict Demand for New, On-Demand Electric Shuttles (07-27-2016)
Seattle judge hears challenge to Uber, Lyft union law (07-19-2016)
Washington DC considers supplementing ambulances with Uber and other ride services (07-17-2016)
GM and Lyft are expanding their unusual rental car program in three more cities (07-11-2016)
Is Columbus the Future of Urban Transportation? (07-06-2016)
There Are Better Ways to Kill Traffic Than Lying to Waze (07-05-2016)
Ubeen ? Data visualisation tool for your Uber ride history (06-22-2016)
When it comes to driving with Uber, all cities are not created equal (06-20-2016)
Introducing Driver Console: The New Go-To For Lyft Drivers (06-14-2016)
Uber execs in court on two continents (06-08-2016)
The global anti-Uber alliance just launched cross-booking between Lyft and Grab (06-02-2016)
Uber just got $3.5 billion from Saudi Arabia (06-01-2016)
Uber Turns to Saudi Arabia for $3.5 Billion Cash Infusion (06-01-2016)
Testing bots to automate transportation in New Zealand (05-30-2016)
Automakers are solving a major problem by investing in Uber and Lyft (05-25-2016)
Taxi-hailing mobile app Tappsi launches with Mapbox (05-23-2016)
New reports highlight the benefits of ridesharing and the need for new regulations (05-20-2016)
Goodbye car, Hello LYFT! (05-19-2016)
Uber + Public Transit: Changing Southern California?s Car Culture (05-18-2016)
What all-weather solar panels could mean for sustainable transportation (05-16-2016)
Article: The InfoQ Podcast: Uber's Chief Systems Architect on their Architecture and Rapid Growth (05-13-2016)
Austin transportation director recommends deregulation of the city's taxi industry (05-11-2016)
Uber Recognizes New York Drivers? Group, Short of Union (05-10-2016) ? Medium (05-09-2016)
Uber and Lyft End Rides in Austin to Protest Fingerprint Background Checks (05-09-2016)
Uber, Lyft leave Austin over fingerprint background checks (05-09-2016)
Uber rankled by app that compares ride-hailing prices (05-06-2016)
Uber drivers in New York can't unionize, but some are forming a labor group (05-02-2016)
Uber agrees to $225,000 settlement in lawsuit alleging discrimination against the blind (04-30-2016)
Will Uber's New 'Drivers Association' Have Any Real Power? (04-26-2016)
Uber drivers in California join with Teamsters Union to fight for better benefits (04-24-2016)
Uber settles lawsuits to keep drivers as independent contractors in California and Massachusetts (04-21-2016)
Unveiling Uber?s Transparency Report (04-12-2016)
Cabalot ? Compare the price of Lyft and Uber in one app (03-29-2016)
Malware scam appears to use GPS data to catch speeding Pennsylvania drivers (03-27-2016)
La'zooz ? Collaborative transportation backed by cryptocurrency (03-25-2016)
DOT Seeking Data for New National Transit Map (03-24-2016)
Lyft reportedly saved $126 million by refusing to classify drivers as employees (03-21-2016)
Uber and Green Dot Team Up to Make Everyday A Payday (03-17-2016)
All Aboard! New report finds that ridesharing complements public transit (03-15-2016)
The economic case for Uber in France (03-03-2016)
The MTA has surveillance devices in almost every subway station, but it?s not using them (02-25-2016)
Why Barcelona has no Uber (02-22-2016)
The Case for Connected Devices in School Buses (02-19-2016)
Google?s Waze launches SDK for third-party transportation apps like Lyft (01-26-2016)
ParkWhiz Raises $24 Million in New Funding and Acquires BestParking (01-26-2016)
Uber Makes Last Minute Push to Challenge Miami-Dade City Commissioners (01-15-2016)
Uber takes $7.6 million hit to stop its service being suspended in California (01-15-2016)
City?s Delayed Traffic Study to Guide Regulation of Uber Vehicles (01-14-2016)
Now Uber users can get tailored feed from other apps (01-13-2016)
Uber is trying to make your rides less dull by teaming up with other app developers (01-12-2016)
Uber to allow app developers engage with passengers during trips (01-12-2016)
Uber's new API seeks to offer riders unique experience (01-12-2016)
ParkWhiz To Integrate with Ford?s Revolutionary New FordPass (01-11-2016)
This Uber API integration could have you walking a lot less (and riding the bus more) (01-11-2016)
Uber fined peanuts in God View surveillance, data breach investigation (01-07-2016)
UK council uses 'open data' approach for transport planning (01-06-2016)
Diving deeper on how Uber improves access to transit (12-16-2015)
Ford wants to reduce the number of cars on the road with 'dynamic shuttles' (12-10-2015)
Ola mobile taxi app releases its API to popular brands and developers (09-26-2015)
Subway complaints by station (08-26-2015)
BaseRide wants to be the nerve centre of vehicle fleet ops (08-24-2015)
France plans to ?Uberize? existing taxi industry (08-19-2015)
Displaying Vehicle Data with Automatic and Mapbox API (Pt 2) (08-18-2015)
Addison Lee Opens Cab Services API to Third-Party Apps and Websites (08-12-2015)
New York City Releases Data on Millions of Cab Rides (08-12-2015)
Neighborhood Car Service Companies Adopt Their Own Apps to Fend Off Uber (08-11-2015)
DOT presses forward on National Address Database | Department of Transportation (07-17-2015)
How Fleets Can Leverage the Internet of Things to Reduce Operating Costs, Increase Safety and Go Green (07-09-2015)
Local Motors Unveils Designs for the World?s First Production Line of 3D-Printed Cars (07-07-2015)
Hack Your Ride Hopes to Increase Connected Car Opportunities (07-06-2015)
ParkWhiz Integrates for Roadside Assistance Help (07-06-2015)
Addison Lee readies open API for global car bookings (06-30-2015)
RouteSavvy Now Includes Enhanced Mobile Support (06-29-2015)
Ford, Hewlett-Packard Using Coffee Stops, Big Data to Better Manage Fleets and Personalize Employee Drives (06-24-2015)
BART Backtracker App and Salesforce PTOn! Part 1 (06-23-2015)
Ford is setting up a special Silicon Valley team to work on self-driving cars (06-23-2015)
Allstate just patented technology to collect all kinds of information about drivers on the road (06-22-2015)
Truckers, these two companies are revving up efforts to disrupt your industry (06-07-2015)
TomTom Telematics & AttainIT partner for electric car sharing platform (06-05-2015)
Feds Say That Banned Researcher Commandeered a Plane (06-04-2015)
Electric car sharing platform developed by TomTom telematics (06-04-2015)
TomTom in Italian car-sharing innovation (06-04-2015)
You can now hail an Uber straight from the Foursquare app (06-01-2015)
Multinational Taxi firm Takes On Uber With API (05-30-2015)
Hackers could use malware to track subway riders? whereabouts (05-26-2015)
Plane hacking exposes aviation industry (05-26-2015)
Etihad Airways Chooses SITA for Comprehensive Bag Tracking (05-24-2015)
Mapping train tracker data to help understand the Amtrak derailment (05-13-2015)
Around the World in 12 Legs (05-01-2015)
The Case for Audio Monitoring on School Buses (04-28-2015)
Decisiv Announces New Integration With FleetNet America (04-27-2015)
OBS Logistics Releases Mangament APP Integrated With TomTom Telematics API (03-26-2015)
Case Study: Hailing the Future - Equal Access to Taxis across New York?s Neighborhoods (03-17-2015)
Uber gives outside vendors ability to request rides (03-17-2015)
Ford's Prototype Electric Bikes Will Warn You Before You Get Hit by a Car (03-10-2015)
Ford announces electric bike project to make city journeys smarter (03-02-2015)
What to Know When Using Humanitarian UAVs for Transportation (03-02-2015)
Free and Open Source your Transit System, Now! (02-26-2015)

These are curated as part of my daily work to understand what is happening across the space, and I regularly use them to track on what has occurred overtime, and include them in my guides, whitepapers, and other outputs.

Transportation Companies and Organizations

These are the organizations I come across in my research who are doing interesting things in the API space. They could be companies, institutions, government agencies, or any other type of organizational entity. My goal is to aggregate so I can stay in tune with what they are up to and how it impacts the API space.


The Uber API exposes a set of RESTful endpoints that enable your application to GET information such as time and price estimates about the products offered in a given location, request rides on behalf of authenticated users, and create ride reminders for users to take a ride at a specific time in the future.

  • Price Estimates
  • Product Types
  • Time Estimates
  • User Activity
  • User Profile

Expedia Partner Solutions

Expedia Partner Solutions is the B2B partnership brand of Expedia Group. Our mission is to fuel our partners’ growth through our unparalleled technology, travel supply and support services.

  • (Internal Only)
  • (Internal Only)
  • Airport Dropdown
  • Apply Coupon
  • Associate User To Trip
  • Cancel Enquiry
  • Cancel Room
  • Cancel Trip
  • Cancel Trip
  • Checkout
  • Checkout
  • Checkout
  • Checkout
  • Create A Trip
  • Create A Trip
  • Create A Trip
  • Create A Trip
  • Create A Trip
  • Create a trip for partner
  • Create User
  • Details
  • Fare Rules for the trip
  • Flight Image
  • Get Offers
  • Get Package Offers
  • Get Packages
  • Get Required Checkout Fields
  • Get the credit card fee for a trip
  • Get Trips
  • Hotel Checkout With JSON Request Body
  • Info
  • Infosite/Details
  • LPAS Search
  • Mobile Flight Checkout
  • Mobile Image
  • Points Conversion
  • Product
  • Profile
  • Rails Checkout With JSON Request Body
  • Remove Coupon
  • Search
  • Search
  • Search
  • Search
  • Trips by tripId
  • Update
  • Update Trip Name and Description
  • User Sign-In


Stay connected to global trade, sustainability & logistics. Tweets by the UPS Social Team. Questions about a package? Just ask @UPSHelp.


Sabre is a global technology company. Our innovative technology is used by more than a billion people around the world to plan, book and get to their destination at a time and price that???s right for them.


Lyft is an on-demand transportation company based in San Francisco, California.

  • Add the passenger's rating, feedback, and tip
  • Available drivers nearby
  • Cancel a ongoing requested ride
  • Cost estimates
  • Driver availability for processing ride request
  • Get the receipt of the rides.
  • Get the ride detail of a given ride ID
  • List rides
  • Pickup ETAs
  • Preset Prime Time percentage
  • Preset types of rides for sandbox
  • Propagate ride through ride status
  • Request a Lyft
  • The user's general info
  • Types of rides
  • Update the destination of the ride


Amadeus travel technology helps businesses connect to the global travel ecosystem, manage operations more effectively and serve travellers better than ever

  • Get Airports Autocomplete
  • Get Airports Nearest Relevant
  • Get Cars Search
  • Get Cars Search Airport
  • Get Flights Affiliate Search
  • Get Flights Extensive Search
  • Get Flights Inspiration Search
  • Get Flights Low Fare Search
  • Get Hotels Property Code
  • Get Hotels Search Airport
  • Get Hotels Search Box
  • Get Hotels Search Circle
  • Get Location Code
  • Get Points Of Interest Yapq Search Circle
  • Get Points Of Interest Yapq Search Text
  • Get Rail Station
  • Get Rail Stations Autocomplete
  • Get Trains Extensive Search
  • Get Trains Schedule Search
  • Get Travel Intelligence Flight Traffic
  • Get Travel Intelligence Top Destinations
  • Get Travel Intelligence Top Searches
  • Get Travel Record Record Locator

Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority

Official feed of Metro/WMATA, not monitored 24/7. Report emergencies to Transit Police at (202) 962-2121. Service updates @metrorailinfo & @metrobusinfo.

  • Get Predictions
  • JSON - Bus Incidents
  • JSON - Bus Position
  • JSON - Elevator/Escalator Outages
  • JSON - Lines
  • JSON - Next Buses
  • JSON - Next Trains
  • JSON - Parking Information
  • JSON - Path Between Stations
  • JSON - Path Details
  • JSON - Rail Incidents
  • JSON - Routes
  • JSON - Schedule
  • JSON - Schedule at Stop
  • JSON - Station Entrances
  • JSON - Station Information
  • JSON - Station List
  • JSON - Station Timings
  • JSON - Station to Station Information
  • JSON - Stop Search
  • Live Train Positions
  • Standard Routes
  • Track Circuits
  • XML - Bus Incidents
  • XML - Bus Position
  • XML - Elevator/Escalator Outages
  • XML - Lines
  • XML - Next Buses
  • XML - Next Trains
  • XML - Parking Information
  • XML - Path Between Stations
  • XML - Path Details
  • XML - Rail Incidents
  • XML - Routes
  • XML - Schedule
  • XML - Schedule at Stop
  • XML - Station Entrances
  • XML - Station Information
  • XML - Station List
  • XML - Station Timings
  • XML - Station to Station Information
  • XML - Stop Search


The worlds largest and most trusted transportation marketplace. We make shipping the big stuff easy!

Walk Score

TidyClub is an enterprise-like cloud computing company built for your mother with a per transaction revenue model. The company is best known for making committee administration simple through combine CRM, Memberships, Tasks, Events, Payments, Finances, Meeting Minutes, SMS into one open environment. TidyClub was founded in 2009 by Australian businessman Isaak Dury and launched to the public in November of 2011. TidyClub has been a pioneer in developing an enterprise-like platform for the ‘common person’ through its open model allowing to extend the platform to specific needs for groups.

Google QPX Express

QPX Express is suited for companies that want to provide airfare pricing and shopping service for their customers. The API returns full display and booking information with real-time availability through an easy-to-implement JSON interface. The QPX Express self-service, pay-as-you-go model offers business flexibility and new opportunities for innovation.

  • Search Flights


TriMet, more formally known as the Tri-County Metropolitan Transportation District of Oregon, is a public agency that operates mass transit in a region that spans most of the Portland metropolitan area in the US state of Oregon.


Global leader in navigation, traffic and map products, GPS Sport Watches and fleet management solutions.


The official Twitter feed of the NY Metropolitan Transportation Authority. For service alerts/customer service, follow @NYCTSubway, @NYCTBus, @LIRR, @MetroNorth

CTA Bus Tracker

Information about CTA bus and train service in and around Chicago. Find maps, schedules, service alerts, plan a trip, jobs, news and more!


We are the original LTL experts with comprehensive North American coverage and a broad portfolio of expedited and specialized LTL freight shipping services.


Greater Vancouver’s transportation agency, we tweet all things public transport, including service updates, tips and info!

Statewide CTDOT

Provides up to the minute traffic and transit information for Connecticut. View the real time traffic map with travel times, traffic accident details, traffic cameras and other road conditions. Plan your trip and get the fastest route taking into accou...

Transport for London Unified

We are the integrated transport authority responsible for delivering Mayor of London Sadiq Khans strategy and commitments on transport. We run the day-to-day operation of the Capitals public transport network and manage Londons main roads.

  • Accent Stats year
  • Air Quality
  • Bike Point
  • Bike Point
  • Bike Point Search
  • Cabwise search
  • Journey Journey Results from to to
  • Journey Meta Modes
  • Line Meta Disruption Categories
  • Line Meta Modes
  • Line Meta Service Types
  • Line Meta Severity
  • Line Mode modes
  • Line Mode modes Disruption
  • Line Mode modes Route
  • Line Mode modes Status
  • Line Route
  • Line Route Sequence direction
  • Line Search query
  • Line Status severity
  • Line Stop Points
  • Line Timetable from Stop Point Id
  • Line Timetable from Stop Point Id to to Stop Point Id
  • Line s
  • Line s Arrivals
  • Line s Arrivals stop Point Id
  • Line s Disruption
  • Line s Route
  • Line s Status
  • Line s Status Start Date to End Date
  • Mode Active Service Types
  • Mode mode Arrivals
  • Occupancy Bike Points s
  • Occupancy Car Park
  • Occupancy Car Park
  • Occupancy Charge Connector
  • Occupancy Charge Connector s
  • Place
  • Place
  • Place Address Streets Postcode
  • Place Meta Categories
  • Place Meta Place Types
  • Place Search
  • Place Type types
  • Place type At Lat Lon
  • Place type overlay z Lat Lon wth height
  • Road
  • Road Meta Categories
  • Road Meta Severities
  • Road all Disruption disruption Ids
  • Road all Street Disruption
  • Road s
  • Road s Disruption
  • Road s Status
  • Search
  • Search Bus Schedules
  • Search Meta Categories
  • Search Meta Search Provers
  • Search Meta Sorts
  • Stop Point
  • Stop Point Arrivals
  • Stop Point Can Reach On Line line Id
  • Stop Point Crowding line
  • Stop Point Direction To to Stop Point Id
  • Stop Point Meta Categories
  • Stop Point Meta Modes
  • Stop Point Meta Stop Types
  • Stop Point Mode modes
  • Stop Point Mode modes Disruption
  • Stop Point Route
  • Stop Point Search
  • Stop Point Search query
  • Stop Point Service Types
  • Stop Point Sms
  • Stop Point Type types
  • Stop Point place Types
  • Stop Point s
  • Stop Point s Disruption
  • Stop Point stop Point Id Car Parks
  • Stop Point stop Point Id Taxi Ranks
  • Travel Times compare Overlay z mapcenter map Center Lat map Center Lon pinlocation pin Lat pin Lon dimensions wth height
  • Travel Times overlay z mapcenter map Center Lat map Center Lon pinlocation pin Lat pin Lon dimensions wth height
  • Vehicle Emission Surcharge
  • Vehicle Ulez Compliance
  • Vehicle s Arrivals


The WebTRIS data available at is available via an application programming interface (API) in JSON format. This is a free service and there is no need to register to use it. Developers can utilise the WebTRIS data to provide their own services, applications and websites.

  • Get a list of sites
  • Get selected sites
  • Get Site DailyQuality
  • Get Site OverallQuality
  • Gets the daily report.
  • Return list of site types
  • Returns details of selected area
  • Returns list of areas
  • Returns the layer metadata for the LayerId specified.

Public Transport Victoria Timetable

The PTV Timetable API provides direct access to Public Transport Victoria’s public transport timetable data. The API returns scheduled timetable, route and stop data for all metropolitan and regional train, tram and bus services in Victoria, including Night Network(Night Train and Night Tram data are included in metropolitan train and tram services data, respectively, whereas Night Bus is a separate route type). The API also returns real-time data for metropolitan train, tram and bus services (where this data is made available to PTV), as well as disruption information, stop facility information, and access to myki ticket outlet data.

  • Get V3 Departures Route Type Route Type Stop Stop
  • Get V3 Departures Route Type Route Type Stop Stop Route Route
  • Get V3 Directions Direction
  • Get V3 Directions Direction Route Type Route Type
  • Get V3 Directions Route Route
  • Get V3 Disruptions
  • Get V3 Disruptions Disruption
  • Get V3 Disruptions Route Route
  • Get V3 Pattern Run Run Route Type Route Type
  • Get V3 Route Types
  • Get V3 Routes
  • Get V3 Routes Route
  • Get V3 Runs Route Route
  • Get V3 Runs Route Route Route Type Route Type
  • Get V3 Runs Run
  • Get V3 Runs Run Route Type Route Type
  • Get V3 Search Search Term
  • Get V3 Stops Location Latitude , Longitude
  • Get V3 Stops Route Route Route Type Route Type
  • Get V3 Stops Stop Route Type Route Type


Onfleets delivery management software simplifies your local deliveries from start to finish, allowing you to focus more on what really matters.